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Repair + recovery phyto-minerals

Always Put Your Best Foot Forward

VitalMin is formulated to support your horse in recovering from hard work, including the daily wear and tear of race preparation, hit outs and race days – so they are always ready to give you their best.

A Nutrition-First Approach

VitalMin provides pure and potent, plant-based nutrition for working horses, in a fast-acting liquid preparation.

VitalMin provides an array of highly bio-available nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, prebiotics and other bio-active botanical compounds) in a concentrated formula, to supply your horse with the nutrients they need to recover from work, repair tissue micro-damage before it becomes a stumbling block, and build stronger, more resilient body tissues.

VitalMin supports metabolic health, with a blend of gentle yet effective herbal extracts, which have been traditionally utilised to tone the digestive tract, enhance nutrient transfer across the gut wall, and improve nutrient delivery to target cells.

Save with Less Layoffs

Supporting your horse with high quality micronutrition can help to minimise downtime to injury or fatigue, and extend your horse’s racing season.

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