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Horses experiencing metabolic imbalance tend to become overweight, with lumpy, dimply fat deposits or 'pads' throughout the body, particularly along the crest of their neck, topline and rump. They are usually very good doers, or have voracious appetites, leading to the accumulation of undesirable body fat, which can then be difficult to shift.

Solis is formulated to provide nutritional support to horses experiencing metabolic imbalances, including insulin resistance, energy utilisation and fat storage issues.

Our Holistic, Metabolic-Balancing Formula

Insulin Resistance - The herbs cumin, cinnamon and fennel are used to improve insulin reactivity, while mucilages in flax and fenugreek slow energy absorption from the small intestine, keeping blood sugars more stable.

Antioxidant Support - Flax, fenugreek, cumin, fennel and cinnamon all provide various antioxidants. Antioxidants are essential for keeping blood clean and protecting against oxidative damage, especially to the liver and kidneys. Antioxidants are important for all horses, however they are especially so in the management of horses suffering laminitis and cushings disease.

Prebiotic Support - Linseed (flax), fenugreek and kelp provide prebiotic support, for better gut health, and colonisation with beneficial gut flora species. In studies, good quality prebiotics out-perform probiotics in building and maintaining an ideal gut microbiome.

Biotoxin support - Toxin-binding compounds in linseed, fenugreek and kelp help to keep toxins ingested through feed or produced by unhealthy gut flora from entering the bloodstream, where they can cause tissue and organ damage.

Hepatic Support - Dandelion root supports healthy liver function and detoxification.

Usage & Rates

Solis is typically given at a rate of 15g/100kg bodyweight daily (approximately 30ml/100kg by volume), mixed in your horse's hard feed.  Your horse's total daily requirement can be fed split between AM and PM feeds, or given all in one feed as a single daily serving.

Horse's Bodyweight Daily Usage Rate
300kg 45g Daily (approx. 90ml vol.)
400kg 60g Daily (approx. 120ml vol.)
500kg 75g Daily (approx. 150ml vol.)
600kg 90g Daily (approx. 180ml vol.)
Better Together 

Magnesium is an essential element for metabolic health. Most feeds and feed supplements will not contain adequate magnesium to provide for your horse's daily needs, especially the needs of metabolically challenged horses. Providing adequate magnesium can enable even metabolically challenged horses to consume green feed in moderation without becoming laminitic. Consider adding BioMag or pure Magnesium Flakes to your horse's daily ration.

To give your horse their best chance of success, feed Solis in conjunction with a high quality, daily general multi mineral, vitamin, amino and essential fatty acid supplement, such as MacroMin.

Further Care for Your Metabolically Challenged Horse

Good hepatic function is essential for the long-term health and wellbeing of metabolically challenged horses. HepaForte is a periodic liver support protocol, rich in liver-loving botanicals and balanced to provide a multi-faceted approach to liver care.

Competition and Race Day Safe

Solis is formulated and manufactured in compliance with FEI Cleansport and Racing Australia guidelines, allowing for safe, uninterrupted use right through race or competition day.  Solis is low to negligible in cobalt, bicarbonate and salicylate-containing plant species, so does not pose any reasonable risk of causing your horse to breach legal thresholds.

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