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Serene Queen

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Wondering if today's ride will be more rumble-in-the-jungle than walk-in-the-park?

Some mares find themselves overwhelmed by excessive and unbalanced hormone levels, which can become particularly evident around oestrus, as the liver struggles to efficiently metabolise raised circulating hormone levels.  Helping your mare to process, balance and eliminate excessive hormones can make life easier, safer and more enjoyable for everybody concerned, and provide your mare with a more peaceful outlook.

Serene Queen is formulated to help you, help your mare, by supporting optimal liver function, and moderating excessive hormone production. Our botanically-based blend features chaste tree berry, rosehips and dandelion, and includes added yeast and bentonite clay, to help bind toxins - lifting the burden from the liver, so it can focus on keeping fluctuating hormones in check.

Is Your Mare Fizzy & Flighty?

Halcyon is a botanical behavioural support blend, for horses who experience carbohydrate sensitivity, nervousness and anxiety. It features delicious, aromatic, powdered chamomile flowers, warming, comforting ginger root, and Indian nervous system super-herb, ashwagandha.

Is Your Mare Grumpy & Grouchy?

Tummy troubles can lead to grumpy, grouchy, aggressive behaviours, in both mares and geldings (and of course, fillies, colts, and studs too) - GastroZen is a digestive health support blend, for horses experiencing gastrointestinal ulceration, intestinal inflammation, leaky gut, irritable bowel, and other gut health issues. It has been formulated to provide digestive benefits from the stomach right through to the bowel. It features cooling peppermint, aromatic fennel seeds, ginger and licorice.

Usage & Rates

Usage: Serene Queen is typically given at a rate of 10g/100kg bodyweight (approx. 20ml volume), daily, mixed in your horse's feed.

FEI Cleansport: Contains chaste berry (Vitex agnus castus). Please consult your governing body regarding usage restrictions and minimum withholding periods.

Racing Australia: Serene Queen is manufactured in compliance with Racing Australia guidelines, for uninterrupted use right up to and including race day.

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1 review for Serene Queen

  1. Anonymous (verified) (verified owner)

    Our mare is raced in Qld, therefore we are not allowed to give her regumate. Last prep she injured herself in the float while in season in a confined area. Due to this she was in the paddock for 12 months! On her return to work we introduced her to ‘Serene Queen’. Her hormones seem to be more under control & she is very relaxed. The peak season for mares is now just around the corner, but from what we have seen so far, we are confident that it will continue to assist our mare.

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