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Support your horse's airway health with Respir8. A botanically-based liquid blend to provide support and relief against airway infection, irritation and discomfort. 

Holistic Support for an Array of Breathing and Airway Complaints 
  • Upper & Lower Respiratory Tract Infections
  • Asthma & Airway Constriction
  • Roarers & Bleeders
  • Dry, Unproductive Cough
  • Dusty Environments
Gentle & Effective

Respir8 is free from synthetic steroids and antibiotics, so works gently yet effectively to balance and restore respiratory health and function, without damaging intestinal microflora, or suppressing natural immune system responses. Rather than merely masking symptoms, herbal actives work to help improve the health, function and resilience of respiratory tract tissues and organs, for better long-term health outcomes.

Usage & Rates

Respir8 is typically given at a rate of up to 6ml / 100kg bodyweight am & pm, over the tongue or mixed in feed, for 10-14 days, or as long as is necessary.

Horse's Bodyweight Usage Rate
300kg 18ml AM & PM as necessary
400kg 24ml AM & PM as necessary
500kg 30ml AM & PM as necessary
600kg 36ml AM & PM as necessary

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3 reviews for Respir8

  1. sylvia Rembisz (verified owner)

    This product and again feels nice easy to use and horse are not fuzz about them.

  2. sylvia Rembisz (verified owner)

    Is improving with cough

  3. mysticparkec

    hi Sue from Mystic Park Equestrian Centre
    I have used Respir8 for quite some time and find it to be very effective in reducing mucus and cough and alleviating both totally and the general health of the horse returning to normal and staying that way….Sue

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