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DermaZen – Skin Itch Support


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DermaZen combines a blend of herbs which are traditionally used to soothe itchy, inflammatory skin conditions, cool excess liver heat, and support better skin health.

Herbs, including rosehips, turmeric, nettle, coriander, dandelion, milk thistle, ginger, licorice and flax, have been utilised by traditional healing systems to help restore balance to a system which is unduly affected by allergies and skin irritations, by;

  • calming  the inflammatory response
  • reducing toxic liver heat
  • improving blood quality
  • encouraging healing of affected skin tissue

For best results, it is recommended that DermaZen be given in conjunction with MacroMin, to ensure your horse is receiving all of the necessary mineral building blocks for high-quality skin tissue. Important minerals for skin health include copper, zinc, silica and magnesium.

Lumiere Protein Blend is an Omega-3 oil-rich supplement feed which can further support your horse’s ability to keep skin moisturised, minimise inflammation and repair damage caused by rubbing.

DermaZen is typically given at a rate of 10g/100kg bodyweight (approx. 20ml volume), daily, mixed in your horse’s feed.

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