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HepaForte provides holistic liver support, suitable for use as a periodic liver care protocol to maintain liver health, or in cases of liver damage, or impaired liver function.

How do horses incur liver damage?

  • Ingestion of toxic plants - your horse's liver can be damaged by plants including ragweed, lantana and heliotrope.  Damage can take months and even years to become noticeable, making it difficult to correlate. Pyrrolizidine alkaloids are common plant toxins which cause liver damage.
    • Mycotoxins - Various mycotoxins including aflatoxins and fuAQmonisins cause hepatic damage and failure. Lupinosis is caused by fungi growing on lupins releasing mycotoxins, and also leading to liver damage.
  • Iron toxicosis - Over-supplementation of iron, particularly in foals, although probably more common in racing/ex racing horses, leads to iron-induced liver damage. Hemachromatosis, a condition which causes sufferers to absorb too much iron and fail to excrete it, also leads to liver damage.
  • Antibiotic and drug use - pharmaceuticals, including Bute, can cause liver damage, particularly with excessive or long-term usage.

HepaForte combines traditional liver-healing herbs, including milk thistle, dandelion and beet, to support your horse's liver health now and into the future.

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