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Halcyon combines the nutritional support of b-complex vitamins from yeast, with a blend of powdered botanicals, including chamomile, cinnamon and ginger - plant foods which are utilised in traditional health care systems, to help to ease a 'busy' mind, moderate blood sugar balance, support digestive function and promote nervous system health and balance.

Other horses who may benefit from supplementation include:

  • Horses who have experienced severe stress
  • Horses who have experienced severe trauma
  • Horses who are producing inadequate enteric b-vitamins due to gastrointestinal or genetic factors
  • Horses who are using large volumes of b-vitamins, via their workout schedule, dietary factors, or genetic or metabolic conditions.

Usage & Rates

Halcyon is typically given at a rate of up to 10g/100kg bodyweight daily (approximately 15ml/100kg by volume), mixed in your horse's hard feed.  Your horse's total daily requirement can be fed split between AM and PM feeds, or given all in one feed as a single daily serving.

Withholding Advice: Halcyon contains chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) plant powder, so please seek veterinary advice with regards to suitable withholding periods for your horse, prior to racing or competition. We suggest a 24 hour withholding period.

Better Together: To give your horse their best chance of success, feed Halcyon in conjunction with a high quality, daily general multi mineral, vitamin, amino and essential fatty acid supplement, such as MacroMin. Your horse may also require additional dietary magnesium (see BioMag).

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