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The blood of racing and performance horses is placed under exceptional burden, dealing with elevated levels of wastes, including metabolic by-products that are generated by high energy, high protein diets, and by the elevated cardiovascular output and cellular respiration generated by intense training schedules. Additionally, horses are confronted with an elevated rate of immune challenge, as they share space with a large and changing population of horses; placing added burden on the lymphatic system to process and eliminate foreign invaders.

In racing horses, poor quality or overloaded blood can become evident as an inability to reach speed, poor stamina, poor recovery from fast work, and susceptibility to viral and bacterial infection.

Etherlite is a botanically-based blend for optimal blood cleanness, via lymphatic system and circulatory support. The unique blend of herbs in Etherlite have been traditionally used to assist with improving the size and quality of red blood cells, and to support the lymphatic system in removing waste and foreign bodies, including viral and bacterial organisms, from the bloodstream and tissue cells. Botanical antioxidants are essential for binding hazardous free-radicals, before they can cause cellular and DNA damage, while amino acids and mucilage support tissue repair and provide digestive support.

Usage & Rates

Etherlite is typically given at a rate of 5ml / 100kg am & pm, mixed in feed. You can offer your horse the total daily serving amount in a single daily feed if required.

Competition & Race Day Safe:  Etherlite can be safely used through competition and racing, being free from prohibited substances under the FEI Cleansport and Racing Australia codes.

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1 review for Etherlite

  1. Paula (store manager)

    After 8 weeks and several vet visits later my show horse still had a consistent cough. The vet suggested a lengthy time out of work. However a friend of mine recommended to try Medicine Tree Health and Performance, so I contacted Paula. Paula listened to my horse’s symptoms, normal energy levels and the previous vet medication my mare was on. Paula then gave two suggestions being Etherlite and VitalMin. Paula explained why these mixes would benefit my mare, the doses and the length of time.

    After a few days I noticed my mare’s health improving. Within two weeks the cough was gone and she returned to her normal work.

    Paula from Medicine Tree Health and Performance contacted myself one month later to see how my horse’s health was improving and also offer free herbal advice for the future.

    Since then I have continued to use VitalMin for the last 3 months, [in which time] I have seen great results in my horses. They are looking healthy, coats are shining and best of all they love the taste, licking their feed bowls clean each day.

    Thank you Medicine Tree Health and Performance for your amazing products. I would recommend Medicine Tree Health and Performance to all horse owners.

    A. Donnelly (Qld).

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