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There's no doubt that today's equine athletes are under a supernatural amount of pressure - joint pressure, in particular. Meanwhile, the inflammatory nature of modern feedstuffs and premixes, combined with some inherent nutritional deficiencies and imbalances which are common amongst Australian horses, will only add to the strain placed on delicate and hardworking joint capsules, while hindering the joints' natural ability to heal and repair.

EpiFlex is formulated specifically to meet the needs of equine athletes, to ensure a long and healthy career, and comfort into retirement.

Our Holistic, Joint-Loving Formula:

Joint Tissue Support - Nutrients, including amorphous silica and botanical amino acids, provide the building blocks for healthy joint cartilage, while licorice and withania herbs are traditional joint-nourishing botanicals, working holistically to nourish and strengthen the joint tissues. Ginger and cinnamon are used to improve nutrient delivery to joint tissue cells by adding gentle heat and enhancing micro-circulation.

Inflammation Support - Rosehips, cinnamon and ginger provide anti-inflammatory support, to mitigate joint pain and inflammation.

Antioxidant Support - Antioxidants from rosehips, licorice, flax, cinnamon and ginger help neutralise free-radicals before they can cause damage to joint tissues.

Prebiotic Support - A healthy microbiome is the foundation for clean, healthy blood which can effectively transport nutrients into, and waste products out of, the working tissues of the body. Whilst lignans from flax act directly as a prebiotic food (feeding the beneficial gut flora), botanicals including ginger and licorice provide prebiotic support by selectively inhibiting 'bad' bacteria whilst encouraging the proliferation of beneficial gut flora.

It's never too late to start caring for your horse's joints with Epiflex - so let your horse start to regain some joint health and mobility today, and see that the best years of their career, or retirement, are still ahead.

Usage & Rates

EpiFlex is typically given at the rate of 10-15g/100kg bodyweight (for maintenance or intense usage) daily, mixed into your horse's hard feed. Your horse's total daily requirement can be given split between AM and PM feeds, or as a single daily serving.

Horse's Bodyweight Daily Usage - Maintenance/Prevention Daily Usage - Intense/Acute
300kg 30g Daily (approx. 60ml vol.) 45g Daily (approx. 90ml vol.)
400kg 40g Daily (approx. 80ml vol.) 60g Daily (approx. 120ml vol.)
500kg 50g Daily (approx. 100ml vol.) 75g Daily (approx. 150ml vol.)
600kg 60g Daily (approx. 120ml vol.) 90g Daily (approx. 180ml vol.)


Better Together

To give your horse their best chance at total joint health and mobility, EpiFlex is recommended to be used in conjunction with an anti-inflammatory, gut-health-friendly diet, and a high-quality daily mineral, vitamin and amino acid supplement such as MacroMin.

Competition & Race Day Safe

EpiFlex is free from any substances which are prohibited for use in racing horses, and in horses competing under FEI Cleansport guidelines, allowing for worry-free usage, and continuity of treatment right through racing or competition day.  EpiFlex is a food-based blend, forming part of your horse's regular daily diet.

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