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BioStride is a herbal pharmacy for your horse's feet. It provides holistic nutritional support for horses experiencing hoof quality issues, including insufficient hoof growth, shelly, soft or split hooves, or hooves prone to infection.

BioStride features:

Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acid - An important anti-inflammatory nutrient; Omega-3 oil helps to keep hoof walls moisturised, and counters the effects of pro-inflammatory dietary components (grains, grain by-products and grain-based premixed feeds).  Inflammation in the hoof is the precursor to a failed lamellar attachment mechanism (LAM) in the hoof wall, as inflammation interferes with the ability of the LAM to remain adhered to both the outer hoof wall and the inner hoof. When failed LAM occurs, conditions including seedy toe, white line disease and navicular disease ensue, as the hoof wall is opened up to infection, and stability of the navicular bone's attachment to the outer hoof is compromised.

Organic Silica - An essential mineral for tissue repair, and strong, healthy connective tissue. Silica helps to improve the resilience of connective tissue in the hooves to the rigours of everyday life. It is especially important for barefooters, and horses in hard environments.

Vitamin C & Bioflavonoids - To improve venous structure, and circulation of blood (and therefore nutrients) to bodily peripheries.

Usage & Rates

BioStride is recommended to be used at a rate of up to 15g/100kg bodyweight daily (approx. 30ml by volume), mixed in your horse's dampened hard feed.

Better Together

For the best possible health outcome, we recommend using BioStride in conjunction with MacroMin, to ensure your horse is receiving adequate general daily minerals, especially zinc, copper and magnesium. These and other micronutrients in MacroMin contribute in essential ways, to the generation and maintenance of optimal hoof matrix.

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