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BioStride – Hoof Support Blend


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BioStride provides holistic nutritional support, for horses experiencing hoof quality issues, including insufficient hoof growth, shelly, soft or split hooves, or hooves prone to infection.

Made from a blend of botanical ingredients, combined with tailored mineral support, BioStride is the natural choice for better hoof health.


BioStride features:

Rosehips Fruit Powder (Certified Organic) – A rich source of vitamin C, plus vitamins A & B Complex, as well as magnesium, calcium and bioflavanoids. The combination of vitamin C and bioflavanoids is reputed for its ability to improve venous structure and circulation of blood and other nutrient to bodily peripheries, hence rosehips’ traditional use as a hoof care supplement.

Stabilised Full-Fat Flax Seed Meal – A rich source of plant-based omega 3 fatty acids, and an important anti-inflammatory food; flax is a powerhouse of nutrients which can serve to keep hoof walls moisturised, and counter the effects of pro-inflammatory foods in the diet (grains and grain-based premix feeds).  Inflammation can be a major contributing factor to hoof conditions such as laminitis, where blood flow and therefore nutrient supply to the hooves is compromised, leaving the door open for hoof disease.

Medicine Tree’s BioSilica Complex – An ultra-pure organic silica complex, to optimise blood and tissue silica levels.  Silica is an essential nutrient for tissue repair, and strong, healthy hair, coat, and hooves.

Cinnamon Bark Powder – A richly concentrated source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, plus Cinnamaldehyde; cinnamon offers a unique combination of benefits which make it ideal for the prevention and treatment of bacterial and fungal hoof infection.  Cinnamon is also used as a medicine against metabolic disorders, which can be a contributing factor toward laminitic conditions in horses.  Cinnimaon is used to improve peripheral circulation, and delivery of dietary nutrients.

Usage Rate:  BioStride is recommended to be used at a rate of up to 20g/100kg bodyweight daily (approx. 30ml by volume), mixed in your horse’s dampened hard feed.

Better Together: For the best possible results, BioStride is recommended to be used in conjunction with MacroMin, to ensure your horse is receiving adequate general daily micro-nutrients, many of which contribute in essential ways, to the generation and maintenance of optimal hoof matrix.  Topping up your horse’s magnesium levels with BioMag may further assist hoof growth in horses who struggle to produce adequate new hoof tissue.

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