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Serene Queen

Botanical hormonal system support, for moody mares.

Help at Hand for Moody Mares

Some mares find themselves overwhelmed by excessive and unbalanced hormone levels, which can become particularly evident during oestrus. A poorly functioning liver can further compound problems, as this organ is essential for processing and breaking down circulating hormones to keep them at a safe level.  Helping your mare to process, balance and eliminate excessive hormones can make life easier, safer and more enjoyable for everybody concerned, and provide your mare with a more peaceful outlook.

Serene Queen is formulated to help you, help your mare, by supporting the natural balance of your mare’s hormones, and supporting optimal eliminatory organ function. Our botanically-based blend features freshly wholeground chaste tree berries, rosehips, raspberry leaves, burdock root and milk thistle seeds meal, in a linseed and millet base, for a delicious, multi-faceted and holistically balanced approach to managing your mare’s hormonal health.

Serene Queen is a dried/powdered formula which should be added to your horse’s daily feed. Most horses will enjoy the flavour of Serene Queen, however, some horses may need to be introduced gradually.

MTHP Serene Queen 1.6kg
MTHP Serene Queen

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