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Seasonal Blends – Winter

Traditionally, winter corresponds to the water element, and as such,
bodily focus is placed upon the renal system – including the kidneys,
adrenal glands and urinary bladder. The renal system performs the
essential functions of removing acid wastes from the bloodstream,
maintaining correct fluid levels, balancing blood pressure and volume,
and preserving vital energy, via the adrenal glands.
Herbs which are traditionally used to support renal health and function
include dandelion, horsetail (rich in silica), gravel root, tribulus, and
licorice root. These herbs possess a range of properties, which have made
them a favourable choice over the last few thousand years, for the
protection and preservation of renal system health and function.
Horsetail, a rich source of silica, is used repair degenerative tissue
damage. Tribulus, native to India, is a renal and hepatic tonic, used to
protect kidney and liver health. Licorice root, a long-revered plant
medicine from ancient Egypt, to TCM, to Ayurveda, is an adrenal tonic,
used to preserve youthful vitality, and vital energy.

Medicine Tree Seasonal Blends

Give your horse the best of holistic nutritional support this winter, with
a seasonal blend from Medicine Tree. Medicine Tree takes the hassle
out of your feed preparation, by creating a range of blends to suit your
horse’s particular needs. Medicine Tree’s winter blend combines
traditional winter herbs, including horsetail, licorice, cinnamon and
ginger, to help your horse thrive, right through the season.
Being a typically cold and damp season, maintaining a balanced and healthy state means warming the diet, with
herbs such as ginger, cinnamon and cardamom. Warming herbs typically improve blood circulation, and help to
dissipate extra, unwanted fluids, as in pneumonia and bronchitis.
Horses experiencing chronic damp, fungal conditions such as rain scald, thrush, and girth fungus, may benefit
from the combination of warming and circulation-enhancing herbs.
Horses who are more advanced in years, in poorer condition. or arthritic, may also benefit particularly from a
warming, renal system-nourishing blend of herbs in his or her diet, through the winter.

Winter Blend is typically given at a rate of 10g (20ml vol.)/100kg bodyweight, daily, mixed in your horse’s hard feed.

Medicine Tree’s range of liquid and powdered blends are formulated for purity, potency and performance, from
only the highest quality, natural ingredients, including certified organic herbs, and quality assured, natural
mineral powders and salts. The small particle size of powdered herbs, and hydroalcoholic extraction process of
liquid blends, ensure rapid and easy assimilation during the digestive process, so your horse can get the most out
of his or her herbal mix.