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Seasonal Blends – Spring

Medicine Tree’s Seasonal (Spring) Blend provides a specially formulated combination of botanical ingredients, which are traditionally used to support optimal health and vitality through spring.

Milk Thistle seed is rich in silymarin, a compound noted for its ability to support liver health by detoxifying harmful substances and stimulate liver tissue regeneration.

Dandelion root has been studied for its ability ‘seek and destroy’ cancerous cells throughout the body, and is a traditional liver tonic herb.

Nettle leaf is rich in chlorophyll, plus vitamins A, C and K, minerals, and bioflavonoids. Nettle is a traditional blood tonic and is used to reduce uric acid build-up, promote bone strength, and ease spring-time allergies.

Licorice root is a sweet treat that actually controls high blood-sugar levels rather than raising them, and is also used to nourish the liver, maintain internal moisture, and protect adrenal glands against fatigue.

Optimising your horse’s liver health in spring can help to set your horse up for a successful and healthy summer, when the extreme heat can cause a horse with a sluggish or damaged liver to really feel the strain of the season.