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Support your horse through colicky pains, with a blend of natural botanicals.

Colic Relief Remedy

For some horses, even the slightest changes in diet, environment or training schedule can instigate gastrointestinal distress. A little off feeling can quickly snowball into something more serious, and as every horse owner well knows, colic in horses is no light matter.
Menthazan is a 100% natural botanical blend, in an easy-to-administer, fast-acting liquid preparation, for horses who are prone to or experiencing symptoms of gastrointestinal distress, including:
  • Restlessness or agitation
  • A distended abdomen
  • Biting or nudging at their belly
  • Repeatedly laying down and rolling
  • Stress or pain signals in the facial expression
  • Tail lifting – attempting to defecate or expel gas

Menthazan is made from an holistically balanced combination of botanical extracts and oils, which have been traditionally used help settle an upset stomach, relieve abdominal tension and pain, release trapped gas, and normalise intestinal flow.

Menthazan is naturally preserved, and will keep on the feed room shelf for two years. Although hopefully you’ll never need it, it is comforting to know that you have the option available to you, if and when the need arises.
Some of our people like to use Menthazan when they are away from home with their horses, especially if they know that their horse is prone to digestive upsets when their routine and surroundings are a little different.
Menthazan offers a delicious, sweet minty flavour that horses love, and a thick consistency, making it easy to administer orally, and an absolute pleasure for your horse, at a time when they can do with some positive vibes.
Menthazan is proudly made in Queensland, Australia, from only the highest quality ingredients, with zero added nasties.

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