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Mineral ration balancer for horses.

Does Your Horse Require a Ration Balancer?

For most horses in Australia, grazing pastures growing on inherently incomplete or overworked soils, or receiving hays and grains grown on the same soil; the answer is yes.

Australian pastures and hays are typically low in copper, zinc, magnesium, boron and other essential nutrients, creating a need for mineral supplementation as a part of your horse’s regular care.

Minerals & More

MacroMin provides essential minerals and electrolyte salts, omega-3 essential fatty acid, botanical antioxidants and digestive system support, in a convenient, single daily supplement.

A Feed Supplement Developed for Australian Equines

MacroMin is a concentrated, herbivore-friendly (no beef gelatin, no fish oil, no bee products), nutritional blend, designed to complement and fortify the diets of Australian horses. Simply add MacroMin to a small amount of chaff or carrier feed (eg. copra meal, sugar beet pulp, or Lumiere). If your horse is exclusively pasture or hay fed, you can even offer MacroMin as a loose lick, in a sturdy fence feeder. Our own pastured horses enjoy helping themselves to MacroMin when they are not being hard fed, and it is interesting to observe the way in which they each adjust their intake through the seasons. We recommend situating your feeder in the shade or under a shelter where possible to reduce UV degradation, and discarding any product which has been exposed to rain after 24 hours.

Naturally Balanced for Better Health

MacroMin provides a complete and holistic nutritional approach to managing your horse’s general health and wellness, establishing a solid nutritional foundation for your horse’s body to function as it is supposed to, grow to its proper genetic potential, and repair as necessary from accident, injury, or daily wear and tear. We’ve combined nutrient-dense natural ingredients and balanced them with essential minerals and electrolyte salts, to deliver a daily supplement designed to provide the best possible health outcomes for your equine companion.

No Need for Premixed Feed

Feeding your horse MacroMin allows you the freedom to add extra energy to your horse’s diet only as necessary. So, you can choose the best energy source for your horse’s unique physiology, your region, your workout schedule and your budget, and still be providing all of your horse’s essential mineral nutrition, every day.

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