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Sentinel provides botanically-based nutritional immune system support, to help keep bacteria, viruses and other pathogens in check.

The botanical ingredients in Sentinel have been utilised by traditional medical and health care systems as broad-spectrum anti-pathogenic agents, to assist with numerous types of pathogenic infection, and related symptoms, including:

  • common colds
  • influenza
  • pneumonia
  • bronchitis
  • gastritis
  • bacterial colitis
  • blood sepsis
Gentle & Effective

Importantly, the natural plant compounds in Sentinel selectively target pathogenic (disease producing) organisms only, keeping gut microflora intact, and intestinal villi do not lay flat or die off, in an attempt to save the blood from exposure to the toxic effects of synthetic antibiotic substances.  As a result, digestion and assimilation of nutritional matter from the diet is kept up during and after the usage of Sentinel, meaning speedier recovery, and a more complete return to health.

Usage & Rates

Sentinel is typically given at a rate of 5ml/100kg, AM & PM, as necessary, mixed in your horse's feed, or administered directly over the tongue.

300kg   -   15ml AM & PM
400kg   -   20ml AM & PM
500kg   -   25ml AM & PM
600kg   -   30ml AM & PM

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2 reviews for Sentinel

  1. sylvia Rembisz (verified owner)

    great product, easy to use and my horse enjoy Sentinel.

  2. sylvia Rembisz (verified owner)

    Working good at moment

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