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For some horses, even the slightest changes in diet, environment or training schedule can instigate gastrointestinal distress. Quick management is vital to helping your horse settle, and feel better before things go too far downhill.

Menthazan is a natural liquid preparation, made from herbal extracts, including chamomile, meadowsweet, ginger and mint.

The addition of a vegetable gum and glycerine sweeten the blend, and give it a thick consistency which is easy to administer orally, with a soothing effect on the epithelial tissue. It's a fast-acting, rapidly-absorbed formula for quick relief, which may help you to ease your horse's discomfort while you wait for further help.

Menthazan offers a delicious, sweet minty flavour that horses love, making administration easy and enjoyable.

Withholding Advice: Menthazan contains chamomile and mint, so should not be given within 24 hours of racing or competition.

Usage Rate: Menthazan is typically given at a rate of 10ml/100kg, as necessary, in 30 minute intervals.

Read more about our in-house liquid botanical extract preparation method here.

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2 reviews for Menthazan

  1. Kara Bucca (verified owner)

    I recently bought myself a miniture pony and as soon as i got her home she wanted to lay and roll this went on for some time, fortunately i bought a 500ml bottle of menthazan and gave her the recommended dosage within a short time she got up and recovered rather quickly, i highly recommend having this product on hand for those times..
    Im very grateful for such a good product..

  2. Admin (store manager)

    Hi Sue from Mystic Park Equestrian Centre
    My mini 5yold mare Venus came down with Spasmotic Colic which was quite severve for 5 hours…..i gave her three doses of Menthazan a hour apart and her recovery was quick and was out of pain and discomfort and stopped wanting to roll and was happy to stand and relax … is truly a must have in your medicine cabinet…..sue

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