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For some horses, even the slightest changes in diet, environment or training schedule can instigate gastrointestinal distress. Menthazan is made from a 100% natural blend of herbs which have been traditionally used to soothe colicky pains, and normalise intestinal flow.

The Menthazan blend includes:

  • Ginger – traditionally used to stimulate digestion through gentle warming
  • Meadowsweet – traditionally used to soothe and protect gastrointestinal mucosa
  • Peppermint – traditionally used to relax and tone the smooth muscle of the digestive tract
  • Licorice – traditionally used to protect against the harmful physiological effects of distress
  • Fennel – traditionally used to soothe digestive upset and release trapped gas

Menthazan offers a delicious, sweet minty flavour that horses love, and a thick consistency, making it easy to administer orally.

Withholding Advice: Menthazan contains mint, which is allowable under Racing Australia guidelines, however it is not allowed during competition under FEI guidelines – please allow 12H withholding prior to competition.

Menthazan is typically given at a rate of 10ml/100kg, as necessary.


200ml, 500ml, 1 Litre

What's Inside?

Hydroalcoholic botanical blend of Zingiber officinale, Filipendula ulmaria, Mentha piperita, Mentha spicata, Glycyrrhiza glabra and Foeniculum vulgare, vegetable glycerine, vegetable prebiotic gum.

That’s it. We don’t add any harmful artificial flavourings, colourings, preservatives, stabilisers or other additives.


2 reviews for Menthazan

  1. Admin (store manager)

    Hi Sue from Mystic Park Equestrian Centre
    My mini 5yold mare Venus came down with Spasmotic Colic which was quite severve for 5 hours…..i gave her three doses of Menthazan a hour apart and her recovery was quick and was out of pain and discomfort and stopped wanting to roll and was happy to stand and relax … is truly a must have in your medicine cabinet…..sue

  2. Kara Bucca (verified owner)

    I recently bought myself a miniture pony and as soon as i got her home she wanted to lay and roll this went on for some time, fortunately i bought a 500ml bottle of menthazan and gave her the recommended dosage within a short time she got up and recovered rather quickly, i highly recommend having this product on hand for those times..
    Im very grateful for such a good product..

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