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Relief + healing for itchy skin conditions.

Relief For Itchy, Inflamed, Irritated Skin.

DermaZen provides holistic relief and healing assistance for horses troubled by itchy skin conditions.

Why Does My Horse Itch?

Most horses develop itch as a result of a hyper-inflammatory response to the bites of insects, particularly the culicoides, or midge (or sandfly). These critters use a sawing motion to carve their way through your horse’s skin. Their saliva is equipped with an anti-coagulant chemical, to keep your horse’s blood from clotting while they feed. Some horses are allergic to this substance, which results in intense itching, and the appearance of welts under the skin. Researchers have linked a strong genetic predisposition to the hypersensitivity some horses experience, particularly cold-blooded breeds, which would not experience midge activity in their ancestral homelands. Mineral imbalance, protein excess, and congestion in the liver, blood and lymphatic system may also exacerbate some horses’ itchiness, as well as a histamine sensitivity, and an impaired ability to catabolise circulating histamine.

How can DermaZen Help My Horse?

DermaZen provides a multi-faceted approach to helping and healing itchy horses. DermaZen utilises the power of traditional healing herbs, to deliver rapid and targeted results.

Anti-Inflammation Support – To help reduce the production of histamine, the chemical that causes itchiness and inflammation, improving your horse’s comfort, and reducing rubbing behaviour.

Antioxidant Support – Antioxidants mop up damaging free-radicals in the blood, to support a clean, healthy and functional blood supply.

Healing Minerals – Minerals, including magnesium and silica, reduce inflammatory responses and support the production of fresh skin and hair, over damaged, itch-affected areas.

Liver support – Herbs, including burdock root, milk thistle and dandelion root, support liver health and function, and reduce ‘liver heat’, to help your horse break down excess histamine, and minimise inflammation and aggravation under the skin.


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