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Does Your Horse Require Supplementation of Essential and Beneficial Micronutrients?

For the vast majority of horses in Australia, grazing on inherently imbalanced, overworked or incomplete pastures, receiving hay grown on the same soil, grains, or even premixed feeds; the answer is yes. Far from the wild diets horses evolved to exist and thrive on, today's horse feeds and pastures are typically contained to a few, narrow species of grass, fodder or grain, low in omega 3 oil, copper, boron and other essential nutrients. Access to a wide variety of plant foods, plus natural mineral and salt deposits is limited or voided, creating a need for supplementation as a part of your horse's daily care.


MacroMin provides essential minerals and electrolyte salts, omega-3 essential fatty acid, botanical antioxidants and digestive system support, in a convenient, single daily supplement.


MacroMin is a concentrated, herbivore-friendly (no beef gelatin, no fish oil, no bee products), nutritional blend, designed to complement and fortify the diets of Australian horses, without the need for adding bagged, pelleted, premixed feeds to your horse's diet. Simply add MacroMin to a small amount of chaff or carrier feed (copra meal, sugar beet pulp, or Lumiere). If your horse is exclusively pasture or hay fed, you can even offer MacroMin as a loose lick, in a sturdy fence feeder. Our own pastured horses enjoy helping themselves to MacroMin when they are not being hard fed, and it is interesting to observe the way in which they each adjust their intake through the seasons. We recommend situating your feeder in the shade or under a shelter where possible to reduce UV degradation, and discarding any product which has been exposed to rain after 24 hours.


MacroMin provides a complete and holistic nutritional approach to managing your horse's general health and wellness, establishing a solid nutritional foundation for your horse's body to function as it is supposed to, grow to its proper genetic potential, and repair as necessary from accident, injury, or daily wear and tear.  We've combined nutrient-dense natural ingredients and balanced them with essential minerals and electrolyte salts, to deliver a daily supplement designed to provide the best possible health outcomes for your beloved equine companion.

Usage & Rates

MacroMin is typically given at a rate of 25g/100kg bodyweight, daily, mixed in your horse's hard feed.  MacroMin is generally quite palatable, although if your horse is not accustomed to powdered minerals, it may be best to add MacroMin to their diet gradually, over a week or so.  MacroMin mixes well with a little chaff, sugar beet pulp or copra (coconut) meal. Alternatively, MacroMin can be offered on its own in a feeder, for self-selection. When offering ad-lib, always be aware of the possibility for some horses to over-consume. Healthy horses in a stimulating environment with access to fodder should not over-consume, although some horses (typically those previously starved, stabled or with mental pathologies) may do so.

Competition and Race Day Safe

MacroMin is formulated and manufactured in compliance with FEI Cleansport and Racing Australia guidelines, allowing for safe, uninterrupted use right through race or competition day.  MacroMin is low to negligible in cobalt, bicarbonate and salicylate-containing plant species, so does not pose any reasonable risk of causing your horse to breach legal thresholds.

Nutritional Profile

Each daily serving of MacroMin provides your horse with:


The minerals provided in MacroMin are tailored to balance the most common deficits prevalent in the diets of Australian equines.

They include:

Magnesium - For healthy nerve and muscle function, and proper metabolism of dietary carbohydrates. Adequate dietary magnesium can help to prevent the formation of oxalate crystals in the kidneys, and improves bone density.

Copper & Zinc - For healthy coat pigment, hoof growth, and immune system function.

Organic Sulphur (MSM) - For cellular renewal and detoxification. Organic sulphur assists with maintaining joint integrity, and promotes the growth of a fuller mane and tail.

Sodium & Potassium - Essential electrolyte salts support adequate hydration, muscular function and effective renal elimination.

Boron - Assists with keeping mineral elements from accumulating and depositing outside of the bone matrix (big head, osteoarthritis, muscular calcification), while promoting healthy bone mineral deposition within the bone matrix (for optimal bone density).

Silica - Essential for the formation of healthy connective tissue (tendons, joints, skin, teeth and bones), and collagen.

Iodine - For the maintenance of healthy thyroid function, which regulates metabolic functions and energy utilisation. Adequate dietary iodine improves the healing rate of internal and external tissue injuries.

Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acid (alphalinolenic acid)

Supports the moderation of excessive pro-inflammatory prostaglandins. MacroMin's Omega-3 essential fatty acid is sourced from herbivore-friendly, stabilised, wholeground flax.

Botanical Antioxidants

Neutralise harmful free radicals, generated through exercise, environmental toxins and general metabolic functions. Unchecked free radicals destabilise healthy cells, leading to cellular damage, and the development of broken genetic code.


A food source for beneficial gut microflora; prebiotics encourage their proliferation, to optimise feed assimilation, improve immune function, and prevent colonisation of harmful microorganisms in the GI tract.

Nutrient Analysis
Element Per 125g (daily serving, 500kg horse)
Boron 85mg
Cobalt (as organic cobalt chelate) 247ug
Copper (as sulphate) 255mg
Iodine (as organic iodine chelate) 9mg
Iron (as organic chelate) 270mg
Magnesium (as oxide) 5990mg
Silica (amorphous) 8000mg
Sodium (as chloride) 7020mg
Sulphur (as MSM) 1360mg
Zinc (as sulphate) 810mg
Omega-3 (ALA) 11407mg



x     animal tissue (beef, pork, shark, shellfish, mussel)
x     animal products (dairy, bee products, egg)
x     synthetic vitamins
x     synthetic amino acids
x     synthetic preservatives
x     synthetic flavours
x     sugar-cane based sweeteners

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  1. Karen (verified owner)

    I Love MacroMin, I use it daily in my horse’s feed. My horse looks amazing and is really healthy ever since I started using MTHP products. I find that it is cost effective. I highly recommend using MacroMin daily for your horse. I love dealing with Paula, she is very knowledgeable about her products and always willing to help out with my horse’s nutrition. Thank you Paula for helping my horse feel better and look amazing.

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