BioMag provides highly bioavailable dietary magnesium, in a smooth, peppermint blend.



Magnesium is an essential mineral element which is commonly deficient in equine diets. Often used to help nervy horses and those who hold on to muscular tension; optimal magnesium levels can help to ensure healthy muscle and nerve function, and promote restful, reparative sleep.

BioMag is a liquid, oral magnesium supplement for horses. It is made using high-grade, purity-tested, human food and USP grade magnesium chloride; free from contaminants found in cheaper, low-quality magnesium chlorides, including lead. Our natural magnesium chloride is sourced from magnesium-rich waters of ancient inland salt lakes, which are free from atmospheric and environmental contamination, allowing for the procurement of an exceedingly pure magnesium chloride flake.

BioMag’s natural sweet-mint flavour improves palatability without sugar or synthetic sweeteners, and has a thick consistency, for easier oral administration.

If you’ve been looking for a pure, high quality magnesium supplement, with no synthetic preservatives, sweeteners, colours or flavours, BioMag is your ideal solution.

Could Your Horse Require, or Benefit from, Supplemental Magnesium?

Magnesium is a mineral element which is required as a chemical cofactor in over 300 bodily processes, including the maintenance of healthy blood pressure and blood glucose, nerve conduction, muscular contraction, and protein synthesis. Diets high in calcium or phosphorus require balancing with more magnesium, and diets high in non-structural carbohydrates cause a greater magnesium requirement as well as increased urinary magnesium loss, so will require supplementary magnesium. Magnesium is advised whenever horses are grazing green pick after wet weather, or being fed grains.

Magnesium as an Antioxidant 

Better blood magnesium concentrations improve the production and/or activity of glutathione peroxidase, catalase and superoxide dismutase. These three important antioxidant compounds capture dangerous, unstable free-radicals and neutralise them, before they can wreak havoc on body tissues. Keeping your antioxidant status up and free-radical levels down is essential for maintaining DNA integrity, ensuring good health and longevity. Good antioxidant status can lift some of the burden from the liver, kidneys and immune system, as well as reduce potential damage to them, leaving them more available to see to other tasks.

Magnesium as a Bone Builder

While calcium is touted as the essential bone mineral, studies and practical experience are moving in favour of magnesium as the critical mineral element for strong, healthy bones and teeth. Of course, it is a combined effort between at least the known elements calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, boron and vitamins D and K, and no doubt many others, however; magnesium appears to play an integral role in keeping all of these elements working and delivering into bone matrix appropriately, as well as behaving as an ideal blood alkaliser in place of the skeletal calcium. Approximately 60% of bodily magnesium is found in bone matrix, while 30% is found in muscle tissue. Magnesium is an important alkaliser, binding with acidic compounds to keep blood chemistry level.  When insufficient magnesium is available, calcium is leached from bones into the bloodstream to neutralise acids. Higher extracellular levels of magnesium inhibit parathyroid hormone secretion and improve blood calcitonin levels, reducing bone porosity (osteoporosis). As an acid buffer, while too much dietary calcium can cause issues of muscular tightness and unwanted calcium deposits, magnesium provides a safe acid buffer, which means that the smaller amount of calcium actually required in the diet can be used to maintain and lay new bone, rather than for other emergency processes for which it is not ideally suited.  Excess magnesium is easily excreted by most animals (save for those who are suffering from renal disease), so an excess of mg is usually not a problem, being excreted in urine, sweat and faecal matter.

Magnesium for Metabolic Health

Magnesium plays a vital role in the maintenance of blood glucose homeostasis, and insulin activity. Studies and field trials suggest that magnesium can offer both a preventative and treatment benefit to insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

Magnesium for Athletic Performance

Magnesium is used in the production of ATP, creating the compound Mg-ATP. Magnesium has been shown to reduce blood lactate level and muscular lactate accumulation, and increase glucose levels in the blood and brain during strenuous exercise, improving exercise endurance. Magnesium supplementation can increase plasma glucose levels for a period of time following cessation of exercise, suggesting a benefit for post-exercise muscle recovery.


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What's Inside?

BioMag is made from the highest quality ingredients, for your horse’s optimal health and wellness.

BioMag Contains: Aqueous magnesium chloride brine (magnesium chloride, purified water), natural sweeteners (vegetable glycerine, stevia rebaudiana), natural thickener (xanthan gum), prebiotic (galactomannan), natural flavour (peppermint, vanilla, spearmint).

Why Do We Use Sweetener?

Magnesium chloride, while super healthy, is also super bitter.  To make it something your horse looks forward to, rather than something they shy away from, we have balanced our blend out with natural, sugarless sweeteners, plus a little dash of vanilla-minty freshness.  If your horse could design a recipe for health themself, we are confident that this is the one they would make.

Adding selected, natural thickening agents, including prebiotic galactomannans, creates a liquid which sticks to your horse’s feed better, and can even be administered directly over the tongue if need be, without running all over the place, especially right out onto the stable floor.

Usage Information

Typical Usage* :  5ml – 10ml / 100kg bodyweight daily, mixed in feed.

BioMag contains approximately 4.52% magnesium, or 452mg per 10ml.

*Usage rates will vary, depending upon your horse’s requirement for magnesium, and other dietary sources of magnesium also being provided.

BioMag is recommended to be used in conjunction with MacroMin powdered daily minerals, vitamins, amino and essential fatty acids; for your horse’s optimal health and wellbeing.


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