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Complete digestive care for horses on high-energy diets.

Is it Time For Your Horse to Truly Shine?

There’s a measured process in bringing out the very best within a horse, and
high quality, correctly tailored nutrition is no small consideration.

We’ve crafted BioShine to fill in a number of very important pieces to the mosaic that
is your horse’s ideal nutritional plan. BioShine is tailored especially to suit horses on
high energy diets, with bold athletic expectations, to provide concentrated nutrition
without any junk. We hope that it becomes an invaluable part of your program to
bring out the very best in your horses.

A multi-tasking formula, in one convenient daily serving.

BioShine performs the function of several common feed supplements, in one highly
inviting feed supplement that your horse will love.

Prebiotics feed beneficial gut flora, helping to optimise digestion, nutrient
assimilation, and enteric b-vitamin production.

Omega-3 EFA helps to counter inflammatory processes in your horse, and
promotes a healthy glow.

Toxin Binders help to capture unwanted dietary toxins and wastes, reducing
gut wall damage, keeping them out of your horse’s bloodstream, and
improving stool odour.

Mucilage soothes gastrointestinal tract epithelium, improves hydration in
the hindgut (reducing the risk of impaction), and encourages formation of
soft, fluffy stools.

Antioxidants help to combat oxidative stress, protecting your horse against
cellular damage and tissue malformation.


100% functional ingredients; no added junk.

Performance horses have a limited capacity for daily feed intake, and a high and
specialised nutritional requirement. So, every ingredient needs to count. BioShine
has been carefully formulated to provide maximum nutritional density, for optimal
benefit, with NO JUNK to weigh your horse down.

MTHP BioShine Horse Gut Supplement

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