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Liquid magnesium supplement for horses.

Liquid Magnesium Supplement for Horses.

BioMag provides magnesium to your horse in an easily-assimilated form, with a natural vanilla-mint flavour, for enhanced palatability.

BioMag may benefit horses on high grain or high sugar diets, horses presenting with laminitis or metabolic syndrome, horses grazing green, high-sugar pastures, horses experiencing high levels of stress, and horses presenting with fizzy, nervous, or overly-excitable behaviour.

Offset High Sugar Intake

BioMag helps to offset the negative effects of a high-sugar diet. Magnesium is an essential element for proper sugar metabolism, helping to control hyperglycemia and related ‘fizziness’.

Support for EMS & Laminitis

Magnesium is beneficial for horses experiencing metabolic disorder, and subsequent laminitis, by helping to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce total circulating insulin.

Stress & Anxiety Support

Magnesium helps horses to manage stress and anxiety. Good magnesium status keeps blood cortisol levels in check, and promotes muscular relaxation, quelling the cycle of mental stress – physical tension – more mental stress.

Neuromuscular Support

Magnesium is an essential co-factor in over 300 biochemical processes. Good magnesium status supports healthy muscular function, especially the relaxation phase, and supports the nervous system in maintaining homeostasis.


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