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Serene Queen – Support for Moody Mares

Is your mare moody, messy, maybe a little melodramatic?

While mares are generally accepted as being a little more colourful than geldings in their mood-spectrum; excessively erratic mare behaviour can be difficult to work with, hindering educational progress, or begging you to wonder how enjoyable tomorrow’s ride might be. Apart from that, it may also be making your mare feel extremely uncomfortable in herself.

Could there be a better way?

We certainly hope so – which is why we created Serene Queen. Its carefully crafted botanical blend, which features traditional female health super-herbs, including chaste tree berry and raspberry leaf powders, plus liver loving botanicals milk thistle and dandelion, plus prebiotics and antioxidants; is a convenient daily source of all the best provisions nature has to offer in supporting your mare’s hormonal balance.

From One Happy Mare Owner:

“Our mare is raced in Qld, therefore we are not allowed to give her regumate. Last prep she injured herself in the float while in season in a confined area. Due to this she was in the paddock for 12 months! On her return to work we introduced her to ‘Serene Queen’. Her hormones seem to be more under control & she is very relaxed. The peak season for mares is now just around the corner, but from what we have seen so far, we are confident that it will continue to assist our mare.”

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