Respir8 is a nutritional, botanical blend which provides lung and respiratory tract fortification.

The botanical compounds in Respir8, which include elecampane, licorice, ginger and mint, have been utilised by traditional eastern and western systems of medicine and health care to improve respiratory health, by :

Increasing the protective mucosal lining of the respiratory tract, thus reducing irritation, and damage to respiratory epithelium.
Breaking down, liquefying and loosening phlegm, allowing it to be more easily expelled from the airways.
Soothing inflamed respiratory epithelium, and easing inflammatory responses.
Inactivating certain pathogenic organisms, including bacteria, molds and viruses.
Warming the lungs.
Relaxing the smooth muscles of the air passageways – settling coughing spasms, easing constriction, and allowing the airways to open as normal.
Importantly, Respir8 is free from synthetic steroids and antibiotics, so works gently yet effectively to balance and restore respiratory health and function, without damaging intestinal microflora, or suppressing natural immune system responses.

Respir8 is typically given at a rate of 6ml / 100kg bodyweight am & pm, over the tongue or mixed in feed.

Respir8 is Made in Australia, by Medicine Tree Health & Performance, From Only the Highest Quality, Local and Internationally Sourced, Natural Ingredients.