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Serene Queen – Support for Moody Mares

While mares are generally accepted as being a little more colourful than geldings in their mood-spectrum; excessively erratic mare behaviour can be difficult to work with, hindering educational progress, or begging you to wonder how enjoyable tomorrow’s ride might be. Apart from that, it may also be making your mare feel extremely uncomfortable in herself.

Health & Wellness

Sweet Relief – Supporting Your Itchy Horse

Skin itch can be maddening, for horses and owners alike. Horses become uncomfortable to ride and impossible to rug, and lack of rest can lead to behavioural difficulties, the cumulation of which may severely hamper your progress with your horse’s training and athletic endeavours. The most common form of itch is Queensland Itch (sweet itch,…


Now Available – MacroMin 8.4kg

If you are looking for even better value on your horse’s daily minerals, MacroMin is now available in a larger, 8.4kg bucket size, with a fixed rate delivery option of $27.00, to almost anywhere in Australia, via courier service (no post office boxes). MacroMin is a premium quality, holistic mineral & botanical blend, formulated to…


Medicine Tree’s NEW 2019 Product Catalogue is Out Now!

Medicine Tree’s new product catalogue is now available for digital download! (Preview and download below)   Not sure how to download? Click on the ‘toggle fullscreen’ button Click on the ‘…’ Select ‘Download PDF File’, on the far left. Your file will download momentarily, and save to your ‘downloads’ folder on your PC.  You can…


DRUG-FREE Anti-Inflammatory Support for Horses

A natural alternative to drug-based anti-inflammatory products is now available: Quell is a liquid botanical blend, made with a combination of herbs which have been traditionally used to support the body’s natural anti-inflammatory processes, block or moderate the action of pro-inflammatory chemicals, and reduce the damage caused by excessive and long-lasting inflammation. While inflammation is…


NEW PRODUCT – BioStride – Hoof Support Blend

BioStride provides holistic nutritional support, for horses experiencing hoof quality issues, including insufficient hoof growth, shelly, soft or split hooves, or hooves prone to infection. Made from a blend of botanical ingredients, combined with tailored mineral support, BioStride is the natural choice for better hoof health. BioStride features: Rosehips – A rich source of vitamin…


NEW PRODUCT – Hemalyte – Organic Iron

Hemalyte supports your horse’s blood-building process, with organic iron, plus copper, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and manganese; vitamins A, C and K, and bioflavanoids. Made from 100% plant-based ingredients, Hemalyte is an ideal, non-toxic alternative to mineral-based or synthetically chelated iron and blood-building supplements, which are often given prior to competition, to optimise blood quality and…


Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

From earliest recorded human history, licorice root (glycyrrhiza glabra) has been a valued food and medicine. Written into the papyrus scrolls of ancient Egypt were recipes for the use of licorice root, including its use as a sweet drink, revered as an ‘elixir of life’ and preserver of youth and beauty.  Undoubtedly this can be…


Wintering Your Horse With Medicine Tree

As the ails of winter crop up – sniffles, coughs and winter chills – you can be well prepared, with Phytolex and Respir8, to support your horse’s immune and respiratory systems nutritionally, and beat back winter illness before it can take a hold. This is also the first season for which Medicine Tree is proud…