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Got Hay?

Feeding hay offers a multitude of benefits for stabled horses, when compared to feeding only chaff. We've rounded up some of them below.
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Stress-Induced Laminitis

When horses experience mental or emotional stress – a change of home or pasture mates, a frightening event, sudden heavy work, or travel - the adrenal gland goes into overdrive…
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A Carrot a Day?

There aren’t many horses that don’t love a good a carrot – but are they a good choice of treat, for your horse’s all-round and long-term health?
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Now Available – Chaste Berries

We are excited to announce that we now have chaste berries available for purchase in our online store. What are chaste berries? Chaste berries are the fruit of the chaste…
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Serene Queen – Support for Moody Mares

Is your mare moody, messy, maybe a little melodramatic? While mares are generally accepted as being a little more colourful than geldings in their mood-spectrum; excessively erratic mare behaviour can…
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