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DRUG-FREE Anti-Inflammatory Support for Horses

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A natural alternative to drug-based anti-inflammatory products is now available:


Quell is a liquid botanical blend, made with a combination of herbs which have been traditionally used to support the body’s natural anti-inflammatory processes, block or moderate the action of pro-inflammatory chemicals, and reduce the damage caused by excessive and long-lasting inflammation.

While inflammation is a natural bodily process, and has its place in acute cases of injury; modern western diets, mineral imbalances, and the physical strain of an athletic career can contribute to excessive and long-lasting inflammation, which can in turn cause long-term damage to your horse’s body tissues.  Diets rich in pro-inflammatory feeds and feed additives, including grains, synthetic additives, and animal-based products lead to chronic, systemic inflammation which eventually manifests as conditions such as arthritis, laminitis, and numerous other undesirable health conditions.

Of course, in the case of diet, is is important to address the root cause, and ensure that your horse is receiving a ration which is rich in omega 3 essential fatty acid and other anti-inflammatory ingredients, and as low as is possible in the pro-inflammatory kind.

Meanwhile, where damage has already occurred, or in the case of short-term inflammation caused by trauma, Quell may be of assistance in providing holistic, nutritional anti-inflammatory support, so that your horse can be back on his or her feet again, and pain-free, as soon as possible.

Because your horse’s total health and wellbeing are paramount;

Many holistically-minded horse owners are already aware that drug-based anti-inflammatory treatments are far from ideal, often causing more damage than the condition they are treating, including mortality.

Although some anti-inflammatory drugs were originally, or still are, derived from natural botanical ingredients; the extraction and isolation process results in an unbalanced chemical isolate, which contains none of the original plants’ mediating and balancing chemicals.  In some instances the entire drug is now synthetically manufactured and contains no trace of its natural heritage.

Quell Anti-Inflammatory Support Blend is made using a traditional whole-plant extraction method, which enables a whole complement of important chemical and mineral compounds to be solubilised into an easily-absorbed and naturally preserved, balanced, liquid blend.  These natural plant compounds are reputed for their high safety margin, and low instance of side effects, as well as their efficacy in dealing with inflammation.  Of course, every horse is an individual, and as with all new supplements, Quell should be introduced gradually, and monitored for compatibility with your horse’s individual constitution.

Looking for a long-term, nutritional solution for arthritic conditions?

Epiflex Joint Mobility Support Blend is a powdered mineral and botanical blend, formulated to provide your horse’s hard-working or damaged joint tissues with nutritional fortification, plus anti-inflammatory support – to holistically manage the health and wellbeing of your horse’s joints, now and into the future.


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