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Medicine Tree Health & Performance

Medicine Tree Health & Performance products allow our horses to compete at their best while maintaining maximum health through the extreme temperatures we have in our area. We use MacroMin on a daily basis and have BioMag on hand after a hard work out to allow fast muscle recovery. We don’t leave Home without Menthazan for upset tummies and when used early we have settled colicky horses with the Menthazan, and have also fought colds through the winter months with Phytolex. I can’t recommend MTHP highly enough and have successfully prevented and treated many common issues with our horses with the various products available.

Kristy Stockton

Doongara Stockhorses

Rejuve has a great texture, which decreases wastage. Horses after a short period start looking to have it. Used with Respir8 on days of competition, horses are able to compete all day, and recover better after each run. I’m very happy to have been able to highly recommend Medicine Tree products to my family, friends and clients.

Mr G. Wallen

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