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The Behavioural Support Collection

Our collection of behaviour-balancing favourites; to help you ease your horse into a more sensible frame of mind.

Why do horses need dietary behavioural support?

There can be various reasons for outlandish, unpleasant and unsafe behaviours in horses - from stress, to carbohydrate sensitivity, to genetics. Unbalanced horses can be cranky, moody, irritable, nervy, flighty, or fidgety.

Our range of behavioural support supplements are designed to tackle many of these issues, from the inside out - and always with the goal to achieve excellent all-round health for your horse.. and a more safe and enjoyable ride for you both.

Not sure where to begin? You can always get in touch - we love to talk horses, and we are always keen to help you bring out the best in your four-legged friend.

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