Thank you for interest in bringing your horse to board with us.  We hope to make your horse’s stay with us as comfortable and safe as possible, and offer you a peaceful, constructive environment to work with your horse, achieve your equestrian goals, and enjoy your time together.  If your horse is spelling or set for retirement, we are confident that they will find life with our herd highly enjoyable, with a mix of open grazing, room to run and play, social time, a watering hole for splashing in and cooling down in summer, and plenty of sheltered areas to stay warm in, on cool winter nights.

  1. Agistment Overview

We live on-site, and endeavour to check our horses daily.  We hard-feed approximately 4 days per week, to ensure our horses are receiving adequate minerals, vitamins and essential amino and fatty acids.  We currently have abundant pasture which we aim to keep, so we do not find supplemental hay necessary, unless our horses are yarded.  We cannot offer daily care, as we cannot guarantee to be home every single day, although we are home most days.  We do very occasionally leave our beautiful home, for a weekend or short holiday, during which time we expect our horses to look after themselves temporarily.  Should we be away for more than a day you will be notified, in advance where possible (eg. excluding emergencies), so that you  can make arrangements for your horse/s to be checked on, should you wish to.  There is a good chance that we will have somebody checking over everybody for us at these times, but not performing daily care tasks.

We currently have facilities for feed and tack storage, and yards for feeding and handling.  We have a big flat ten acres with a fenced, grassed arena, ground poles and cavaletti.  We have plans in place for a round yard this year, additional jump poles and wings, and a wash bay.  There is currently a grassed area by our (drinking quality) bore tap which can be used for hosing down/bathing.  There is an additional 30 acres which can be ridden over, it varies from rolling hills and winding trails through lightly treed areas, to dry creek beds/gullies, steeper hillsides and thicker timber.  Our road is fairly quiet, with some good stretches of wide-verged roadside, and we are not far from Flinders Peak Conservation Park, which has kilometres of marked horse trails.

  1. Self-Care Agistment

Self-care agistment means that you will tend to any of your horse/s’ needs.  We will always ensure that water is available and accessible in the paddocks, and your horse will be thoroughly checked over at least once per week (although likely we will be seeing your horse daily, if it is with our horses). We will contact you if we notice your horse is not looking as it should and call your nominated vet if necessary.  Parasite count expense is compulsory, on top of the base agistment rate (see rates below).  Dental is compulsory (see dental), hoof care is compulsory (see farrier), and you are expected to ensure that your horse is in reasonable condition and not neglected (rain scald, other skin conditions or wounds tended to as necessary).  We are able to assist with all of these items as required, where you are unable to do so yourself, or would prefer to have these items taken care of for you (see part-care).

  1. Part-Care Agistment

Part-care agistment is offered on a ‘per item’ basis; the schedule is set out below:

Agistment base rate                                                                                             $55/week

Feeding with your feed (you make prior)                                                        $2.50/feed

Feeding with our feed (we make daily)                                                          $6/feed (based on 500kg horse in good condition)

Catching & holding for our farrier (group booking)                                         $15

Catching & holding for your farrier, vet or other therapy                                $25/30mins

Parasite counts (2x per year)                                                                               $15 ea

Grooming, medication application (incl. catching)                                          $20/30mins

Exercising horses                                                                                                   $50/hr

3.1) Feeding

If you are providing your horse/s’ feed, it will need to be pre-made in buckets or bags when you are out, and we can add water/liquids, mix and feed out to your horse.  Alternatively, we can provide your horse with our own supplementary feed blend including minerals, vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids, which we will mix fresh daily along with our own horses’ feeds.  Additional supplements to deal with specific health issues (joints, arthritis, laminitis etc), or additional energy for very underweight or high energy output horses will be at additional, negotiated cost. Hay can be added.  Your horse will always be fed in its own contained area, so that it doesn’t feel rushed, or pushed off its feed by our other herd members.

3.2) Farrier

Our farrier visits every 5-6 weeks, or you are welcome to source your own farrier.  Either way, we are able to catch and hold your horse for you for the farrier’s visit, providing we are home at the arranged time, but payment must be made in advance, for our services and for your farrier.  All horses must have their feet tended to on a regular enough basis that their feet do not become excessively split or overgrown.

3.3) Dental Care

All horses must have regular dental care.  Poor dental health is painful for your horse, and reduces feed conversion rates.  We are able to catch and hold your horse for dental visits however payment must be made in advance, for our services and for your dentist.  We are able to book you with our dentist, or you are welcome to source your own.

3.4) Worming

Parasite burdens need to be kept under control.  We collect manure samples twice per year from all horses and send them for testing to monitor parasite levels within the herd, at a cost of $20/horse.  Horses must be treated for parasites as necessary to keep levels down.

3.5) Veterinary Care & Therapy

We endeavour to keep all fencing safe and paddocks clear of dangers, however, being 40 acres of hills, trees and waterways, we cannot ensure that your horse will not injure itself, and will not be held liable for injuries from the paddock, fences, or other horses.  We will always try to contact you and/or your vet immediately if your horse is injured or appears unwell.  Please confirm with us the details of your preferred veterinarian, and provide authorisation for us to engage your vet on your behalf, if your horse is in an emergency situation and we are unable to contact you.  We will always do our best to reach you first.  We are able to catch and hold your horse for you, for routine or emergency veterinary and other therapeutic appointments, as per the fee schedule.  Payments must be made or arranged in advance with your vet or therapist.

  1. Payment

Agistment is due fortnightly, beginning with two weeks paid in advance on or before the day that your horse arrives. Payments for additional services need to be paid ahead where possible.  Any accounts running into arrears risk loss of your position, at which time your horse will need to vacate.

5. Vacating

We know that all good things must eventually come to an end. When the time comes that your horse is ready to move on to other adventures, we ask that you provide us with at least a weeks' notice, to allow us time to re-advertise your position.


We will ask you to sign a copy of this lease agreement, complete with your preferred veterinarian's details, on or before the day that your horse/s arrive for their stay with us.