Ace (Jesta Boi)

Bay Gelding Foaled 28/10/13

Bred and raced by Noel Doyle (Gold Coast QLD)

Retired from racing in 2017


Ace has been lightly ridden since retiring from racing, including some half-day trail rides over challenging, mountainous terrain, and some riding clubs rallies. He is not flighty or spooky. He requires a lot of leg, which we are working on lightening up, but is soft in the bridle although he does require guidance. He is more forward on trails, but still very sensible and solid in his paces, happy to stop for a spell and take in the surroundings. He does not have any collection, he is very green, but has a soft, elastic stride which with work and correct education will give him some lovely soft, springy gaits under collection. Ace is working on the flat, and over poles and low cavaletti. Ace is well educated on the ground, he leads lightly, lunges, works at liberty in the round yard. He loads on the float reasonably well although our trips have been limited, and travels well. Absolutely no kick/bite/buck/bolt/rear.


Ace is very humanised, and enjoys attention, particularly scratching and grooming. He is well behaved with people and not at all a concern re; kicking, biting etc. He is easy to rug, saddle, bridle, bath, trim. In the paddock he is the man in charge, and can be quite assertive in his behaviour toward paddock companions, particularly around his feed. He is learning to be more tolerant with handling, time and supervision, and currently lives with a herd of 7.


Capped Hip - In 2017, Ace sustained a 'capped hip' from a paddock incident immediately post-racing.  He was spelled and rehabilitated with muscle therapy to ensure a full recovery and even muscle tone, and was cleared by a veterinarian. This type of injury does not usually preclude a horse from a performance career, and in Ace's case the injury does not appear to have affected his soundness or movement whatsoever.

Roaring - Ace has been diagnosed with low-grade laryngeal hemiplegia, which is common in large thoroughbreds. This is not expected to affect a performance career, and should not require intervention, even at higher levels of competition. More information on laryngeal hemiplegia  -

Apart from these two issues, Ace in in excellent health, with good clean legs. He has no windgalls, splints, or bone spavins. His hooves are strong and he can work over rough terrain barefoot without any sorefootedness. He has no issues with laminitis or any other metabolic or hoof disorders. He is lightly rugged through winter and benefits from a fly mask in summer, but does not itch.

Dental - Ace's dental is up to date, his last float being in May 2020. His teeth are good with no abnormalities.