Medicine Tree has been supplying high quality nutritional health care products to horse owners and trainers since 2008.  We are committed to providing high quality service and individualised results, with numerous options available to provide improvement in your horses’ general level of health, and ability to give you his best.

Based in Queensland, Australia, Medicine Tree was established to fill a void in the availability of high performance nutrition and real solutions for racing horses,  which work harmoniously with your horses’ natural body systems, to not only deliver immediate short term benefit, but carry that benefit through to your horse’s entire wellbeing, and long term viability as an athlete.

Medicine Tree manufactures a range of high quality, natural, nutritional blends for horses.  From daily minerals for general health, to targeted blends for a healthy digestive tract, respiratory function, or optimal blood quality; the Medicine Tree range offers clean, effective supplements to keep your horses in a state of optimal health and wellness.

Only the highest quality, natural ingredients are used to make the Medicine Tree range of nutritional supplements.

Medicine Tree diligently sources premium quality, natural raw materials from around the world, and handcrafts them into targeted nutritional formulas, which are designed to make your equine health management as simple and effective as possible.  Supporting organic farming practices, by choosing organic ingredients whenever possible, ensures that you are able to give your horses the most pure and effective natural supplements.

Of note are also the ingredients which are NOT included in Medicine Tree’s supplements, including:

  • NO artificial colours or flavours
  • NO cane sugar (including caramel) or artificial sweeteners
  • NO synthetic preservatives

The absence of such liver, kidney and immuno -toxic additives, along with the stringent quality control measures taken to prepare every batch of product, from farm to finished product, make Medicine Tree supplements an ideal choice, for horse people who wish to keep their horses in peak condition, inside and out, now and into the future.

The Medicine Tree range of supplements is only available directly from Medicine Tree.  This enables customers to enjoy ‘buy direct’ savings, as well as exceptional product freshness.

Your Medicine Order can be delivered to anywhere in Australia.  You can process your order online, or get in touch if you would like it processed manually, or to discuss your horse’s specific needs.