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The "Autumn Essentials" Collection

The "You Need to Calm Down" Collection

Some of Our Happy Customers

I wanted something to help with sun/sweat bleached coat and muscle growth - Paula suggested Lumiere. Within 2 weeks along with her other herbs we have certainly achieved this. We do a lot of kms every weekend on trails - 100% recommended.

Fillapa G.

Love these products, definitely noticed a difference with my horses. It has aided in their recovery, energy levels and definitely helped keep up their hydration with this hot Qld weather kicking in. Have to mention the effortless beautiful natural shine to their coats too.

Elise (Qld)

I Love MacroMin, I use it daily in my horse’s feed. My horse looks amazing and is really healthy ever since I started using MTHP products. I find that it is cost effective. I highly recommend using MacroMin daily for your horse. I love dealing with Paula, she is very knowledgeable about her products and always willing to help out with my horse’s nutrition. Thank you Paula for helping my horse feel better and look amazing.

Karen F.

Rejuve has a great texture, which decreases wastage. Horses after a short period start looking to have it. Used with Respir8 on days of competition, my horses are able to compete all day, and recover better after each run. I’m very happy to have been able to highly recommend Medicine Tree products to my family, friends and clients.

Geoff Wallen
Doongara Stockhorses

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"Whatever Your Horse's stage of life, activity level, or athletic pursuit; if you are dedicated to keeping them in a state of ideal health, with the nutritional foundation they require to grow strong and true to type, repair when necessary, and perform to the best of their ability - Medicine Tree has a range of nutritional solutions to meet your needs."