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High Performance Health Care

Natural Ingredients, for a Healthier Horse.

We source the highest quality ingredients from around the planet, and blend them with care, to create our range of tailored blends. Great things begin with good ingredients, so only the purest, freshest and most beneficial ones make it to our production line. Our liquids are carefully prepared using traditional botanical extraction and preservation methods, for finished products which are pure, potent, and free from artificial additives. Our dry blends are prepared from ingredients freshly milled onsite as needed, and swiftly sealed into airtight packages, for optimal freshness.

Feeding Fundamentals

Minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids provide the fundamental micronutrients
your horse requires to grow, repair and maintain good health.

Australian made and delivered directly to you.

Our product range is manufactured in sunny Queensland, and is tailored to suit the needs of Australian horses. We process our ingredients into small batches to ensure freshness – no sitting around in warehouses or on dusty shelves – because food is always better when it is fresh. Enjoy the savings made by purchasing directly from the manufacturer, and the convenience of having your horse’s supplements delivered directly to you, via our selection of couriers, or Australia Post.

Rejuve has a great texture, which decreases wastage. Horses after a short period start looking to have it. Used with Respir8 on days of competition, horses are able to compete all day, and recover better after each run. I’m very happy to have been able to highly recommend Medicine Tree products to my family, friends and clients.

Geoff Wallen

Doongara Stockhorses

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Now Available – Chaste Berries

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